It breaks Sam’s heart to hear that his new found friend Tomiko is about to leave the county just as he's found love. To make matters worse, her father ruins Sam's plans for them to spend their last day together in Emmerdale by insisting she spend the day with him. After a bit of advice from Jarvis, Sam plucks up the courage to stand up to her father – with disastrous results for Eric, who is desperate to clinch a deal with the Japanese. But Sam's attempts don’t go in vain and his persistence finally pays off. Not content with just picking on Stephen, Ali and Robert turn their taunts to Andy – implying he must be gay too. Fed up with all the persistent teasing, Andy can no longer contain his feelings and finds himself joining in their joke over Stephen's sexuality. But Andy's ferocity on the subject leaves Robert and Ali shocked. They realise they have really touched a nerve, as he violently expresses his opinion before storming out. Debbie is bubbling with excitement at the prospect of riding her own horse – so when Charity suggests they go and choose one, she jumps at the chance. Unbeknown to Charity and Chris, Debbie has invited Cain along as well to join their family outing. Keen to spend some time with Debbie, he makes his way to Home Farm. The sparks certainly fly when Cain makes his entrance. Defensive with the enemy on her own turf, Charity firmly asks him to leave, threatening to call the police if he resists. Will Cain back down gracefully or more true to form stand his ground and exercise his rights to see his daughter?


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