Robert is still reeling from Andy’s outburst and realises that his own brother may well be homophobic. Andy is defensive insisting he only joined in their taunts to shut them up – but Robert is not so sure, worried there‘s a deeper issue. When Donna gets wind of their gossip about Stephen’s sexuality it all seems to fall into place. She is convinced it is the reason why he wouldn’t sleep with her. To make matters worse, Donna decides to confront him over the rumours - determined to repair her bruised ego at Stephen's expense. Trouble is brewing at the B&B as Mr Tashiro goes on the warpath, gunning for Sam. Tomiko came home very late last night and has been locked in her room ever since. Having been warned to stay away from her, Sam is saddened at the prospect of never seeing his first love again. Tomiko, meanwhile, won’t be shifted and her father is becoming increasingly worried. Will they be able to coax her out in order to get her to the airport on time, or will she barricade herself away for hours in order to stay with her new found love? Ollie is still struggling to get her revision done, but this time it's not Danny that is getting in the way - but Len who needs fussing over! Elsewhere in the village, Paul gets that itchy feeling after he delivers an ant farm for Victoria – only to discover all its occupants have escaped!


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