Debbie is determined to spend the day with Cain and Charity knows she has no right to stop her. However Charity is convinced that Cain will soon get bored of Debbie hanging round and quickly send her packing for cramping his style. Cain has different plans, though, and is intent on proving them wrong by surprising those close to him with his new paternal outlook – even if his motive may not be true. But he soon reverts to type and leaves Debbie high and dry under the watchful eye of Sam as he heads for a liquid lunch! Laurel struggles to hide her embarrassment in front of Ashley after the rejected the pass she made at him. She is determined to stay out of his way even if it means she can’t go to church. Nicola decides to give naïve Laurel a helping hand, offering her tips in positive thinking. Determined to transform her cleaner friend, Nicola opts to give Laurel a personality overhaul. Stephen confides in Katie that he wants to leave Emmerdale and start afresh after friends he thought were true turned on him in his hour of need. Andy takes the news badly, partly out of guilt, but Stephen makes it clear it is too late to apologise, insisting he leave the very next day.


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