Lisa tries to talk some sense into Cain over Debbie, but he refuses to listen, hoping if he ignores the situation, it will go away. But Debbie will not be dissuaded, she bunks off school and follows an unimpressed Cain on a poaching trip. As she follows him through the woods, Debbie grows tired and asks Cain to slow down. Keen to lose her, he insists on ploughing on - leaving Debbie alone in the woods. Exhausted Debbie is convinced her father will come back for her, but as time goes on, Cain is nowhere to be seen. Has she misjudged his feelings towards her? Ashley has noticed Laurel has been avoiding his company and hopes they can still be friends after the embarrassment of her pass at him. But his frank approach in trying to salvage their friendship upsets Laurel even more as she realises there was really no hope of a relationship at all. Elsewhere in the village, Stephen puts the rumours about his sexuality behind him as he leaves the village for good with a heavy heart. Meanwhile, Katie isn't speaking to Andy over the way he treated Stephen and Jack is tired of seeing his son moping round the house and offers to have a word. But the damage has been done and Andy is determined to sort out his own problems and patch things up with his fiancee. Things don’t go quite as planned, however, and Andy remains firmly in the dog house.

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