Andy ups sticks in order to save his relationship, Charity is concerned at Debbie and Cain's growing closeness, and the pub is a war zone as hostilities between Louise and Diane continue.


With Andy still in her bad books, Katie feels the need to escape the Sugden household altogether and finds herself crashing at Ollie’s. Robert seizes the moment to stir things with Andy, insisting he should now accept his relationship is over for good. Fortunately he gets the opportunity to break the ice – and nearly his nose – when he has a nasty accident with a signpost in front of her and the two realise it is time to talk. Instinctively protective over Andy despite their dispute, Katie decides to put their troubles behind them and agrees to give it another go. After the aborted poaching trip with Debbie, Lisa notices a change of heart in Cain. Little does she know that the two of them are entering uncharted territory after she has called him dad for the first time. Is the roller-coaster ride over for Debbie now that both Charity and Cain have grown to love her, or are there more turbulent waters ahead? Matters are still tense between Diane and Louise over her affair with Ronnie. Both women decide a break from the bar is what the doctor ordered and they make plans to go on holiday separately. Elsewhere in the village, Mrs Rudge arrives to help Bob at the post office in Viv’s absence. But it soon becomes obvious that she thinks that Bob is one first class male!


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