Nicola plans to bring Laurel back to the cleaning business - by any means necessary, Jack is under pressure to evict Andy and Katie from Butlers Farm and Bob lets his plans for the Woolpack go to his head.


Nicola has put a lot of time and effort into moulding Laurel into the perfect business venture. Having expanded her cleaning skills into a business, she is not prepared to see it all go to waste as Laurel joins The Woolpack team! So when Laurel tells her she has lost her rubber gloves on her cleaning rounds, Nicola comes up with a master plan to bring her colleague back down to earth with a bump! Sneaking into the men’s room Nicola stuffs the gloves down one of the toilets to cause a blockage resulting in a flood. Furthermore, all sorts of strange goings on happen to the naive cleaner – leading to another disastrous day for Bob and the Woolpack. Andy and Katie are certainly letting their hair down at the Butlers Farm, leaving Jack with no choice but to report their presence to Chris. The party will certainly be over when Chris finds out about his unwelcome lodgers and, true to form, his stern words leave Jack with no alternative but to try and persuade them to move out before the police are called in. Elsewhere in the village, Mrs Rudge has still got her eyes on Bob – which makes him nervous as he counts the days till Viv gets back! He finally reaches breaking point after a disastrous day in the Woolpack when he ends up taking his frustrations out on his devastated admirer. While the cat's away, the mice will play - and with Chloe away on nannying duties for a couple of days, Scott plans an evening at a strip club with the rest of the lads.


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