There is tension in the Tate household as the fallout from the previous evening's rumble still reverberates, with Charity furious at Chris for going to the function without her and Debbie. Chris has other concerns on his mind, though, and can’t get over the trouble Cain is causing his family just as he thought everything was working out for the best. To make matters worse, the idea that Charity once loved Cain is driving him insane with jealousy and he continues to struggle to deal with the divide it is causing between him and his wife! Cain thrives on the bother he is causing, however, and continues to loiter around Home Farm – much to the annoyance of Chris. Back from her holiday with Zoe, Chloe is furious when Robert puts his foot in it and lets it slip about the lapdancing club. But after getting more than he bargained for out of the evening, Syd is seemingly a hit with lapdancer Yolanda - who continues to text him! As the dust settles after a week from hell in The Woolpack, Bob is worried he will lose his job as it becomes clear that landladies Diane and Louise are far from impressed with his antics and set about getting to the bottom of Bob's haphazard management techniques. Laurel finds herself back in The Woolpack, with plenty of overtime. Not behind the bar this time, though, but cleaning up the aftermath of the day before!


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