Realising that the way to rid herself of Cain is to force him out of her life, Charity decides that the time has now come to call in some professional help. So Charity embarks on engaging a lawyer to block Cain's access to Debbie, but while the lawyer is sympathetic to their cause, she points out that Cain hasn’t actually done anything wrong and little can be done. When Charity goes to pick Debbie up from visiting her dad a vicious argument ensues between them. It culminates in Cain landing a punch on Charity after she starts berating him over sleeping with Ollie. Unfortunately, Debbie witnesses more than either of them had planned on and races from the scene in tears. Ollie is still busying herself with her exams, to the point where Danny is starting to feel neglected. Len suggests that him and Danny start making an effort around the house to ease the stress on Ollie. Louise and Ronnie continue to walk on eggshells around each other and the situation is becoming unbearable. Ronnie seizes a moment to clear the air when he spots Louise alone and moves in for a heart to heart. Jack witnesses their little chat, but Ronnie makes sure he knows that the fling is well and truly over when he catches up with Jack later on. Bob is finally let off the hook, after his disastrous stint at bar management, when Louise and Diane discover the takings were up for the period they were away.


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