Charity and Cain momentarily put their troubles behind them to search for Debbie after she witnessed their fight. But when they finally track her down Debbie says she wishes they were dead! Chris has similar thoughts for Cain when he spots the swelling on Charity's face after her confrontation with him. Charity tries to explain it away but Chris soon sees through her lies and declares that the police should be brought in immediately. Charity is uneasy as she wants the best for Debbie, but she also knows that the right thing to do isn’t always the easiest. She heeds her husband's advice and Cain is soon under arrest for assault. Over at Paddy and Emily’s house, Marlon struggles to take the hint that the time has come to move out and find a new home. Ronnie continues to bust a gut to try and win back Frances but she is a hard shell to crack. He then hits on the idea of whisking his wife away for a romantic trip abroad. But Frances isn’t so sure and decides to open her heart to Diane. Ollie is furious to discover that Danny has been larking about with the memory tape she has been using to study for her exams. She storms into The Woolpack to give him a piece of her mind but Len is their to keep the peace and points out that Danny is just trying to let her know how much he cares for her. Ollie soon sees the error of her ways and decides the time has come to give Danny a bit more attention.


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