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After another sleepless night, thanks to Marlon’s insomnia, Emily and Paddy decide that he's overstayed his welcome so make the suggestion he move into the Dingles where he obviously feels more secure. Marlon thinks that they may have a point and that the only reason that he had a decent night's sleep at the Dingles was because it was a family house. The only problem is space hence when Marlon asks Lisa whether he can move in he's stuck with sharing a room with a rather smelly Shadrach. Chris delights in revealing the news of her father's arrest to a distraught Debbie. Charity is taken back by her daughter's reaction and begins to wonder whether this will have a long lasting effect on their relationship. Feeling that they are now more distant than ever before, Charity decides to drop the charges against Cain, a decision that infuriates Chris. Cain is flabbergasted when Charity tells him the news, especially when she asks for a truce between the long-standing opponents, for Debbie's case. Ollie is furious with Danny after he leaves her to sleep in, when she should be at an important meeting with her tutor. But a heart-to-heart smooths things over, as the couple realise that they love each other and that Ollie going to university won’t come between them. Meanwhile, Andy is having major financial problems now that he and Katie are living independently, away from the Sugdens.


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