Chris starts to wonder what Charity really wants from their relationship after discovering that she has dropped the charges against Cain. He opens his heart to Terry and admits that he struggles to understand why Charity acts like she does. Such is his hate for Cain, he even admits that he would do anything to see the back of him and only the threat of prison is stopping him. Terry sympathises with Chris but is surprised when his boss opens up completely and admits that Charity never told him that she loved him until he agreed to let Debbie move in. Marlon has enjoyed a blissful night's sleep at the Dingle's but he is still bugged by the mysterious stench that fills his nostrils. Sam and Marlon decided that the time has come for a clean up and try to track down the potent pong. It doesn’t take too long to work out that the source is Shadrach – or more accurately his disgusting trainers. The pressure is on for Andy to try and find a job – and a house for both him and Katie. His job hunt takes him through the village but everywhere he turns, the answer is always a resounding ‘No’. He tries to stay upbeat as he informs Katie that he will have to resort to working in an office as a junior – a job that Katie knows he will hate. But needs must and Andy knows that it is up to him to bring home the bacon. Elsewhere, Zoe is encouraged by a visiting nurse's assessment of her condition and decides the time has come to have Jean baptised. And can Ronnie resist the urge to revert to type when he offers Chloe a lift in his truck?


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