Shadrach is stunned when he discovers that Marlon has taken it upon himself to permanently rid the Dingle home of his foul trainers and burn them in the yard without his knowledge! But he isn’t about to take it lying down and Lisa forces Marlon to dig deep and cough up way over the odds for a new pair. Shadrach decides to head off to The Woolpack, shoeless, for a free meal and several pints but he finds himself in a predicament after choking on some crisps. It's Marlon who is forced to save the day with an abdominal thrust. But even when the food is dislodged, Shadrach is still in pain and later discovers that he has a broken rib, courtesy of Marlon's life-saving technique. He instantly sees pound signs and realises that the time has come to get even with Marlon for burning his boots by entering a “No Win, No Fee” lawyer with a lawsuit for Marlon! Charity tries to bridge the gap between herself and Chris but he isn’t in the mood to play happy families. Instead he decides to instigate legal proceedings to have Andy and Katie moved on from the farm but Jack is the one left to share the news with the young couple, who only have 24 hours before they must vacate the premises. Betty is worried about Edna’s reclusive behaviour since the village roof disaster so she calls on Ashley to help coax her back to church and into her normal life. But Ashley's words fall on deaf ears, as Edna is adamant that she is happy keeping herself to herself.


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  • A disgruntled customer at the Woolpack is uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,770,000 viewers (16th place).
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