Jack is fuming when Andy and Katie manage to put off potential new tenants to Butler's Farm, by exercising their squatting rights. Unfazed by his father's disappointment, Andy has bigger fish to fry as he and Katie rehearse for his meeting with Chris about becoming official tenants and managing the farm on their own. Later at Home Farm, Chris has been preparing for their meeting too and has decided to make Andy an uncharacteristic offer. Jack finds himself unwillingly involved once more, when Andy drops the bombshell and asks him to be a guarantor to the farm. Will Jack meet Chris's monopolising demands and sign himself up to a potential financial death trap, or will he wash his hands of the matter leaving his son in the lurch? Missing Tricia dearly, Marlon is knocked for six when he receives some bad news about his visa application. To make matters worse Diane puts her foot in it, as she shows depressed Marlon the postcard she had received from India – leaving Marlon wondering whether his got lost in the post. Back in Emmerdale, Zoe talks to Chloe about her new romantic interest. But her excitement for the blossoming relationship may be short lived when Cally finds out about her schizophrenia. Meanwhile, Chloe has been letting her hair down while they were away too. Gossiping with Zoe, she fears Syd has overheard her talking about her holiday fling.


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