The novelty of having a lap dancing girlfriend has certainly worn off quickly for Syd, as Yolanda makes herself at home, oblivious to Scott and Chloe who all live under the same roof. However, Scott takes great pleasure in Syd's discomfort as the dancer wont take no for an answer providing a permanent floor-show. Meanwhile, Chloe can’t help feeling a little bit jealous as she feels neglected. Scott seems to be more interested in Yolanda's antics than her. After making an embarrassing entrance into The Woolpack, Syd tries to let Yolanda down gently. However, the sparks certainly fly, as does a vase aimed straight at Syd's head. As if Syd hasn’t got enough on his plate, he later finds a tearful Ollie at Angie’s graveside. They share a tender moment, both realising they are still grieving for her. Elsewhere in the village, Joseph’s friend has been rushed to the hospital with suspected German measles. News of his condition travels fast and Dawn fears for her baby as Diane informs her measles are particularly dangerous for pregnant women. Dawn and Terry fear the worst as Dawn realises she has not been immunised. They book an emergency appointment with their GP. Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Scott finds himself holding the baby once more as Chloe nips to the loo. But the blood quickly drains from his face when Zoe enters telling him how paternal he looks. Andy and Katie are struggling with the pressures of farm life on their own. Without a helping hand, the workload seems impossible as they agree they must get some help. But they are still blissfully happy with their independence, even if it means their home is more like a campsite that a farm cottage!


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