After a sleepless night, Terry and Dawn make their way to the doctor's surgery. The thought that pregnant Dawn may have contracted rubella is weighing heavily on their minds as they wait in silence. At the surgery, the atmosphere is tense as the doctor calls them in for a test that could determine the health of their unborn child. The idea that their child could be born deaf is terrifying, as they anxiously await the results. Will their worst fears come true or will Dawn be in the clear? Chloe is growing tired of Scott’s behaviour, having had to put up with him drooling over Yolanda for the last couple of days - he is now spending every spare minute at the garage. Meanwhile, Scott seems more interested in Robert than Chloe, leaving her frustrated – how long will it take for her boredom to get the better of her? Later that evening Chloe finds herself coming to Syd’s defence when Scott teases him about Yolanda. Alone, they later have a heart to heart about the ups and downs in their relationships - and Syd tells Chloe a few home truths. Elsewhere in the village, Lisa is furious with Shadrach for driving Marlon mad. She tells him if he doesn’t drop the changes she’ll throw him out. Disgruntled he agrees not to sue Marlon, in return for a roof over his head. Safely back in Lisa's good books Shadrach is determined to weave his way into her affections – much to the annoyance of Sam who thinks he's slime! Paul has had a rough ride since becoming the village postie. Luckily Marlon comes to his rescue and tries to teach him a few tips on how to stop being savaged by dogs on his round. At Home Farm the final preparations for Jean’s christening are underway. Debbie is thrilled when Zoe asks her to be godmother, although Charity is worried how Chris will react.


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