It is the morning after the night before, and exhausted Dawn and Terry are devastated. The test result confirmed their worst nightmare - that Dawn has contracted rubella. Speechless, they find it difficult to console each other – both are shell-shocked that their child may be born deaf. After their heartfelt discussion the day before, there is an unusual tension between Chloe and Syd. Chloe is desperate to get a reaction out Syd and asks him suggestively what he thinks of her outfit for the christening. However, Syd will not be drawn by her flirtatious manner. He has had his fingers burnt once before and doesn’t want to end up homeless again. But when Chloe asks him to give her a hand zipping up her dress he finds it difficult to say no. Elsewhere in the village, Andy and Katie have received their tenants’ contract for Butler's Farm. Despite their big ideas for the farm Chris is just keen to keep the rent flowing. There is a frosty atmosphere between Jack and Andy as the last of his stuff is moved out. Andy feels let down as Jack makes it pretty clear he thinks they’ll fail. Meanwhile, Jean’s christening is a roaring success and the villagers continue to celebrate the new Tate addition in The Woolpack. However, nanny Chloe has other priorities, but is frustrated when Syd does not return her interest – she decides it is time to change her tactics. Scott finds himself holding the baby once again and when no one is around he takes pleasure in holding her gaze.


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