Unable to talk freely about the future of their baby, Terry tiptoes round Dawn not knowing what to say. His continuous fussing irritates her and she vents her frustration on him. Trying desperately to support Dawn, Terry tells her he will stand by her no matter what she decides to do. Dawn's crushed at being expected to make a decision all by herself and is secretly alarmed, fearing that Terry would prefer an abortion. Chloe is determined not to be given the brush-off by Syd. She takes great pleasure in watching him squirm as he tries to resist her seductive ways. Later, Syd has a heart to heart with Scott and questions his relationship with Chloe. He is left confused by Scott's take it or leave it attitude towards his girlfriend. Bob does his best to comfort Dawn when he hears she has rubella. She is determined to face her options and decides to talk to Siobhan about an abortion. Elsewhere in the village, Ollie has been up all night cramming for her exams and is feeling confident as she sets off on her way to college.


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