Dawn has taken the news that she has contracted rubella extremely badly. The possibility of her child being born with a disability is weighing heavily on her mind. Meanwhile, Terry is also struggling to come to terms with the news. Dawn is devastated as he has clammed up emotionally and is making himself scarce. Taking Terry's evasive behaviour to heart, a depressed and lonely Dawn is forced to contemplate taking drastic action. Bob has only just got used to the idea of his daughter being married to Terry and the patter of tiny feet seemed to soften the blow. The news that Dawn may abort his unborn grandchild really takes the wind out of his sails and he begs her to reconsider, but Dawn remains non-committal and his pleas fall on deaf ears. Elsewhere in the village, it looks like Yolanda’s profession as a lap-dancer has rubbed off on Chloe, when she decides to step up her pursuit of Syd by giving him a private performance. Neglecting her baby sitting duties, one thing leads to another and Chloe's passion turns to horror when she hears a crash from the kitchen. Nothing could prepare her for the scene that greets her when she finds that baby Jean has fallen from the table and is lying screaming, injured on the floor. Meanwhile, at the Dingles, while the cat's away the mice will play and even family loyalties don’t stop Shadrach vying for Lisa’s attentions. With her husband Zak in deepest darkest South America, will she reciprocate his affections or stay true to her absent husband? After the incident on the Dingles roof, Sam is keen to put a smile back on Marlon’s face. It takes a lot of persuading, but Marlon finally agrees to go poaching with his cousin. Marlon is a bundle of nerves as he fishes on the Home Farm estate, but he finally manages to steady his hand and catch a fish. However, the smile is quickly wiped off his face when Zoe catches him red handed.


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  • Double length episode.
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