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After a sleepless night, Zoe is exhausted as she tends to baby Jean, who has been crying all night. Oblivious to the previous night's events, Zoe has no idea that something is drastically wrong. In a panic Chloe tries to cover up the accident, scared that Zoe will sack her for negligence if she comes clean. Having ignored Syd’s instructions to take Jean to hospital, Chloe tries to convince herself that Jean is OK and that her mistake will go unnoticed. Arriving at Home Farm for work, Chloe is secretly alarmed that Jean has not stopped crying since she left last night, but hides her angst suggesting she must be teething. Syd is very concerned that Jean may need medical attention but Chloe is adamant that the baby is fine. Shadrach is desperate to make an impression on an unflattered Lisa by putting his best glad rags on and recruiting Marlon’s help to cook up a delicious meal. But the married woman will not be swayed by his charms, staying loyal to husband Zak. Elsewhere in the village, Diane becomes suspicious of Louise’s feelings towards Terry. She has been showing a lot of interest in him and Diane feels the need to gently warn her off. Louise is upset when she learns that Terry has gone to Spain without telling her. Meanwhile, Syd fears the game is up when Scott asks for a quiet word. Worried that he has found out about the fling with Chloe, Syd braces himself for a rough ride. But Scott has far greater issues weighing on his mind and Syd is left speechless when Scott confides in him that Jean is his daughter.


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