Danny is concerned as Ollie has been acting out of sorts over the last couple of months. He had initially put it down to exam stress but he now fears there is more to it than meets the eye. Unable to understand her violent mood swings, his suspicions are heightened by her defensive manner when he asks her if she has been taking drugs. Danny is right to be suspicious, Ollie is struggling to keep her head above water and is relying on narcotics to cope with reality. Meanwhile, Andy is certainly getting a taste of adult life at Butler's Farm. Daily duties are suddenly far from domestic bliss as he struggles to make ends meet. Syd lies to Chloe about the quiet chat he had with Scott. Unable to tell Chloe the truth about Scott being Jean’s father, he assures her that everything is fine. Chloe breathes a sigh of relief, having feared the worst that Scott had found out about their secret liaison. Bob is chuffed to bits when he gets a call from Dawn in Spain telling him that her and Terry have reached a decision. They are going to keep the baby and will love it unconditionally. Trouble-making Shadrach sets about trying to blacken his brother's name. Still living in the hope that Lisa will respond to his advances, he continues to worm his way into the Dingles home and hopefully Lisa’s bed! Elsewhere in the village, when the district nurse retires her duties are passed to Siobhan, who finds herself faced with the enviable task of attending to a boil on Betty’s bum!


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