Still very concerned about Ollie, Danny decides to find out once and for all whether drugs are responsible for her violent mood swings. Home alone, he decides to go through her stuff to see if he can find any evidence of drug abuse. He is gutted when his worst fears are confirmed and he discovers a substance in Ollie's bag just as Len walks in to the room. Will he cover for Ollie, or will Len think the drugs are his? Farm life gets increasingly complicated for Andy and Katie when Victoria insists she spend the day with them. Trying to revise, Katie is driven potty as Victoria proves a constant distraction. Paul struggles to keep the two most important ladies in his life happy. Torn between his loyalties to his mother and wife, he is forced to make some tricky decisions. Betty’s attempts to hide her painful affliction from nosy Edna fail leaving Betty worried that her boils will soon be public knowledge.


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