Ollie is still struggling to deal with the pressure from her exams, but her methods of alleviating stress are giving Danny cause for concern, as he struggles with the realisation that she is taking drugs. To make matters worse, Len has noticed her odd behaviour and is starting to ask questions. Worried about her health, Danny decides to come clean about Ollie's addiction. While Ollie is still scoring drugs to get through her final exams, Len and Danny get a plan of action together to combat her addiction. But how will Ollie react to their plotting? Elsewhere in the village, Victoria is desperate to convince her father she is unwell. She slips a thermometer into a cup of tea behind Jack’s back, hoping to convince him of her illness. Initially alarmed by her fever, Jack seeks medical advice. But he dismisses her ailment when Siobhan gives Victoria the all clear – suggesting she might be faking it. But Victoria is still feeling out of sorts, however, Jack isn’t buying her complaint and sends her upstairs to put her school uniform on, convinced she is skiving. But later that evening things turn from bad to worse when Robert finds Victoria doubled up in pain – crying her eyes out. Alone and desperately worried about his little sister, Robert reaches for the phone to call an ambulance. Meanwhile, Siobhan has invited the whole neighbourhood to her house warming. As they party into the early hours, tensions between villagers begin to cause a stir. Louise glares daggers across the room at Frances and tries to make a move on Ronnie, who turns his back on her. Desperately seeking male attention, Louise turns to Paul for comfort.


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