Jack and Andy put their differences aside as they wait anxiously at Victoria's bedside. Meanwhile, Louise is greatly embarrassed following last night's party, and Betty is on the warpath.


Jack’s been with Victoria all night after the emergency surgery to remove her appendix. When the rest of the family arrive at the hospital there's a frosty atmosphere between Andy and Jack. But soon after Katie and Robert have to leave to take their exams, leaving the feuding family members alone at Victoria's bedside. Both admit that they feel responsible for the failure to detect Victoria's illness, having been tied up in their own quarrels. After some home truths are spoken they decide that although they still have a difference of opinion the time has come for reconciliation. At The Woolpack, Louise has woken with a monumental hangover and a great feeling of embarrassed over her behaviour at the party. As she fills Diane in on the previous night's antics Louise says she felt neglected as everyone else was coupled up. Letting down her guard, she admits that she's desperately missing Terry. Diane sees warning lights, and her concerns are intensified when she overhears Louise suggesting to Bob that they both visit Dawn and Terry in France. Betty is on the warpath after jumping to the conclusion that Siobhan is the person responsible for spreading gossip about her embarrassing ailment. The pensioner decides to give her neighbour a piece of her mind, but not before blasting loud music through the walls first in the morning! Elsewhere Ollie, who is on a natural high after her final exam, is chuffed to bits when Paddy offers her a summer job at the surgery.


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  • A nurse is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,370,000 viewers (15th place).
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