Determined to overcome their problems and face facts about the baby's health, Terry and Dawn come back from Spain headstrong. Bob is thrilled to see his daughter ready to face the world. He offers her unconditional support, hoping to make up for his absence during her upbringing. Meanwhile, Louise is feeling desperately lonely so is also relieved to witness Terry’s arrival. Catching up with her old buddy in The Woolpack, Louise ends up confessing all to Terry about her affair with Ronnie. Louise assures him that it was a mistake but he's evidently emotional, suggesting that Terry may still hold a torch for her. But the plot thickens later on when Louise drops a bombshell to Diane by revealing that she's in love with Terry and that she thinks her feelings might be reciprocated. Shadrach sees a golden opportunity to scam some money out of Sam, by cashing in on his egg empire. As a result, naïve Sam is left practically penniless after a hard day's toil, until do-gooder Marlon forces Shadrach to cough the cash up and return it to its rightful owner. Meanwhile, Nicola is miffed when she realises that she has competition from a rival cleaning firm that are moving in on her territory. Ronnie is in the Marsden doghouse after the previous evening's shenanigans. Siobhan makes it perfectly clear that her father-in-law is not able to pull the wool over her eyes when she accuses him of playing behind his wife's back again whilst he tries to apologise for his behaviour in the pub. It seems Siobhan has experienced his infidelity before in some capacity. Elsewhere in the village, Debbie is playing truant. Charity is left none the wiser when she skips school and heads over to the Dingles.


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