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Nicola is on the warpath after spotting Mavis, the lady running the new rival cleaning firm, emerging from Betty’s house. Presuming that Mavis is stealing potential business the young entrepreneur is furious. Steph delights in discovering that in fact Betty and Laurel have been working for the competition and Mavis was delivering wages. To stir up the situation Steph helpfully offers to distribute the new business's leaflets around the village. Nicola's blood boils when she finds their services advertised all over despite her father's advice that some healthy competition is not a bad thing. Diane is concerned that Louise will try to split Dawn and Terry up and desperately tries to steer her off course. But to Diane's exasperation Louise remains determined that she and Terry share a greater connection and goes on to reveal the truth about Ray’s death. Diane can’t believe what she is hearing, especially Terry and Charity’s involvement with covering up the truth. Diane feels betrayed, particularly having supported her friend through the ordeal of Ray's funeral and the grieving process. Whilst trying to understand Ray's death, Diane tells Louise that under no circumstances should she open her heart to Terry to ruin his marriage. Paddy goes down memory lane as he pays Marlon and Sam a visit at the Dingle household. As the men reminisce about the old times, Marlon decides it's time to take action in order to regain his youth, deciding that he wants to go poaching. Recently Debbie’s been hanging around the Dingle establishment instead of going to school, unbeknownst to Charity. Finally the game is up when she catches her daughter being dropped off in Cain’s car.


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