Terry is surprised when Diane turns up at Home Farm and asks for him. She gets straight to the point and confronts him about Ray’s death, leaving Terry shocked that Louise had confessed. Terry fears irate Diane will go straight to the police and blow their cover, but admits that he only got involved to try and get closer to Louise. Later in The Woolpack, Louise is still struggling to deal with Diane's reaction to her revelation. Expecting support, Louise is upset that Diane has turned her back on her. But Louise will not be swayed by Diane's advice to steer clear of Terry. She is still determined to declare her love to him personally and ignores Diane's pleading as she heads out the door. Meanwhile, Nicola has masterminded a plan to take over the rival cleaning company. On a mission she takes them on guns blazing, but will they play ball? Charity gets a shock when she receives a letter from Debbie’s school, saying she hasn’t attended for two weeks. Horrified that she has been playing truant, she is sure Cain has got something to do with it. More bad news from the school infuriates Charity as she marches round to the Dingles to have it out with Cain. The last thing she expects is to see Debbie there - when she is supposed to be at school. Determined to sort out Debbie's schooling once and for all, Charity organises a meeting with the head teacher. But when Cain gets wind that Debbie's future is being discussed he insists on making an appearance too. Cain's presence at the school causes havoc, and Chris insists he leave, but Cain retaliates by pointing out he is Debbie's natural father and Chris gets thrown out of the meeting. Chris is left fuming as he is forced to wait outside. Elsewhere in the village, Sam gets into a spot of bother, when he is caught driving his van without a licence. Surprisingly for Sam, he thinks up a clever way of avoiding being charged.


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  • Double length episode.
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