Chris suggests that he and Charity forget where they left off for once and start the day on a positive note. Charity is suspicious of Chris's turn around, but Chris admits he was over-acting yesterday. Meanwhile, Debbie visits Cain to tell him about the day trip she's planned for him, her and Charity. After some persuasion, Cain agrees to the day out. Later, Chris surprises Debbie and Charity with a trip to Eurodisney – on the exact day of Cain and Charity's trip with Debbie. Could this be a deliberate ploy of Chris's, who overheard the earlier conversation? Sam and Paddy have persuaded Marlon to help Sam pass his driving test by sitting the theory test for him. Beforehand Marlon gives Sam a driving lesson which goes disastrously. Back at the house, Marlon begins practising his Sam Dingle impression in front of a mirror. Paddy and Sam provide an audience while Marlon perfects his performance! Also, Scott, after seeing the scan of Dawn’s baby, experiences a bit of paternal jealousy and feels the weight of the secret that he is Jean’s father. Steph is in a funny mood much to Rodney’s confusion. Terry arrives with a letter for her – it's from her old school friend Fat Shelly. This prompts Steph to reflect on her life. She feels that she has not achieved that much in her life as she's about to hit 50. Father Alan tries to advise her that happiness is not all about money, but Steph doesn’t seem convinced. Meanwhile, Debbie declines Chris's offer of the trip to Eurodisney. Charity, convinced that Chris knew about the date of the day trip, accuses him of interfering. Chris begrudgingly agrees to back off to give their marriage a chance.


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