Nicola tries hard to humour the newly engaged Steph and Rodney at breakfast, but even Rodney doesn’t sound confident he knows what he's got himself into. Later, Alan pulls Steph aside for a quick chat. He asks Steph why she's suddenly taken an interest in Rodney – he's worried that the marriage is a quick fix solution to Steph's mid-life doubts. She doesn’t entirely convince him otherwise. In The Woolpack, Rodney announces an engagement party in Mill Cottage tonight, and everyone's invited. Scott yet again brings up the idea of babies with Chloe, who again acts slightly bewildered. He later confesses to Syd that since Jean's birth, he's been thinking more and more about being a father to a child of Chloe's. Later Syd and Chloe go back to the house for lunch, but all that's on the menu is a bit of nookie upstairs, despite Syd's initial reluctance to betray Scott. Also there's trouble at Home Farm when Charity gives Debbie an ultimatum: try harder at school or get sent to boarding school. Marlon dons full Sam get-up and heads off to the DVLA to take Sam's theory driving test for him. He returns to tell Sam and Paddy that he failed the test – maybe Sam could have done better after all? At the engagement party, Nicola and Alan share their doubts about the relationship, but Rodney, having got used to the idea, is all misty eyed optimism. But Nicola soon changes her tune when Steph promises her the £4,000 she needs to buy the cleaning business. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that Rodney is almost penniless! Steph is visibly shocked.


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