Steph takes a peek through Rodney’s bank statements and finds the confirmation she dreaded – Rodney is not the rich man about town she took him for. Meanwhile, Rodney shows Nicola the modest engagement ring he's bought. He catches Steph at lunchtime and proposes – but Steph's already getting cold feet! She tells Rodney they should wait a while and not rush into things. Rodney soon realises that Steph was only interested in his money. They agree to call the engagement off. Steph packs her bags and heads back to Alan to explain the recent change of events! Rodney is consoled by Nicola in the pub. He says that he could maybe help to support Nicola's business plan now Steph's out of the way. But, eager to separate herself as much from Steph as possible, Nicola declines the offer and says that she would rather stand on her own two feet. Outside the pub later, Nicola sees Steph and gives her a piece of her mind. Steph resolves that this village is too small for her, even though Alan tries to persuade her to stay. But her answer is final when she tells him she doesn't do poor men. There's more drama at the Tates. Chris attacks Charity for letting Debbie get her own way all the time, but really he's sulking about the family day trip he's excluded from. Debbie's insistence on videoing all of the action with a camcorder only antagonises the situation. Then Cain drops round to help organise the trip on Monday. Cain hints at where he's decided they’ll go – it's a place that is full of secrets for both of them. Charity is highly suspicious. On his way out, Cain takes the opportunity to wind Chris up, and he falls for it.


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