Charity, Cain and Debbie arrive at their day trip destination – Almscliffe Crag. Cain begins strolling down memory lane, explaining to Debbie that this place has significance for him and Charity. It's the very spot Debbie was conceived, but the whole situation makes Charity uncomfortable. The mood lightens, however, when Debbie initiates a mud fight that covers all three of them in dirt. Is that a smile creeping onto Charity's face? It soon fades, though, when they try to leave and Cain can’t find the car keys. Charity suggests they take refuge in a hotel until Terry can pick them up. Jack is stepping on eggshells around Diane, believing her to be going through ‘the change’. Diane, miffed, asks Jack why he's acting so strangely. When he tells her Louise told him she was going through the menopause, Diane is far from impressed. She confronts Louise, who apologises. After all, it is Louise's fault Diane's acting weirdly. Rodney is surprised to see Steph pay him a visit. He tells her in no uncertain terms that not only is she sacked, but he never wants to see her again. Steph soon cheers up, however, when old school friend Fat Shelley arrives at the B&B. Meanwhile, back at Home Farm, Chris is get remose after a few drinks. He tells Terry that Charity has never loved him, not in the same way Debbie loves Charity. Charity calls from the hotel, asking Chris to pick her up. When Chris tells her that he's too drunk to drive, Charity says they’ll stay the night. Enraged, Chris hangs up on her. The drinking continues, and Terry begins to feel a bit edgy when Chris says he’ll kill both Charity and Cain if he finds out anything has happened between them.


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