Terry arrives at the hotel to pick up Charity and Debbie, but is surprised to see Cain has also stayed over. Charity arrives home to see Chris – she lies about last night, telling him that Cain did not stay in the hotel with her and Debbie. Later, Chris grills Debbie about the previous night, but she doesn’t crack and tell the truth – she's too similar to her parents to be caught out so easily. But it's Terry who let's the cat out of the bag, confirming Chris's worse fears. Chris erupts at Charity, accusing her of cheating, but it's Charity who leaves, disgusted that Chris doesn’t trust her. Meanwhile, at the Tates, Zoe and baby Jean return to find a grumpy and hungover Chris. He explains the situation to Zoe, who can’t believe Chris's suspicion that Charity is cheating on him with Cain. Diane continues to be surprised by Louise’s flippant attitude to her murky past. Wishing to explain Diane’s frosty outward appearance, Louise continues to spread Diane’s mythical menopause through the village as an excuse. She even informs Terry that Diane is acting strangely at the moment because of ‘the change’. Diane is far from pleased. Steph and Shelley ask Alan if they can borrow his credit card to set up a Salon in the village. Alan reluctantly agrees, presuming that Shelley has more business sense than Steph. Later, Alan has his card rejected in Viv’s shop – what exactly did Steph and Shelley buy? Alan finds them in the pub and angrily instructs them to return the goods they’ve bought – all twelve hundred pounds worth. And finally, Chris and Charity have a calmer conversation in which Charity tells him she loves him. Chris says his life is worthless without Charity.


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