Locked in a cell together and with no distractions at all, Diane has the best opportunity yet to tell Louise what she's been going through all week. Diane breaks down telling Louise she can’t cope, and that she needs someone to talk to. Diane accuses Louise of being reckless and bringing on all of her problems herself. Although Diane feels sorry for Louise, she says she doesn’t know if she likes her any more, hurting Louise deeply. Suddenly Louise leaps up asking for a police officer, desperate to confess the murder! But by the time the police officer arrives, Diane has talked her out of it, taking back what she said earlier. The police officer, confused, has the situation explained when Diane tells him she's going through the menopause! As it's the coppers last night before retirement, he lets them both go without being charged. Jack picks them up, and once in the car Louise tells him about Ray. With the burden shared, Diane can now talk about this with Jack, relieving her of the horrible responsibility. Back at the B&B, Alan goes mad when he stumbles across Steph and Shelley storing the merchandise in his property. Steph tries to sweet talk Alan round, but he doesn’t buy it. Steph retorts by claiming that Alan never cared about her. Alan, hurt, tells her this isn’t true, but something she says rings a bell, and he begins to think hard about what kind of a father he's been. The next day, Alan confronts Steph about her comments from the night before. Steph claims it still stands, but Alan puts her in her place by claiming she's not been that great of a mother to Tricia.


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