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Steph and Shelley hatch a plan to set up a nail bar in the B&B. They set about spreading the word throughout The Woolpack, and Laurel and Diane are among the first to make appointments. They manage to persuade Bob to come along too. Alan almost can’t believe his eyes when he returns from Hotten to find a nail bar. He tells Steph that she is taking advantage – she retorts that at least now she is living up to her father's expectations. Chris interrupts Zoe and Charity having a chinwag and is immediately suspicious when the conversation falters. Once Charity has gone, he has a go at Zoe for conspiring against him with Charity. Chris reminds her of the time she had an affair with Charity, and tells her family loyalty means nothing to her. Meanwhile, Debbie is playing with baby Jean in the living room. When Charity calls her away to tidy her room, she leaves Jean alone under a precariously balanced lamp. There's a clatter, and Charity and Debbie rush into the living room to find Jean in the arms of Zoe, having been hit on the head by the falling lamp. The ambulance arrives soon after, but before they leave Chris explodes at Debbie for leaving the baby unattended. Terry rushes into The Woolpack to tell Ashley the bad news – Scott overhears and feels deep concern. In the hospital, baby Jean is rushed into the operating theatre. The doctor tells Zoe that the next 48 hours will be critical.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Paramedic One - Everal Walsh
  • Paramedic Two - Debbie Howard
  • Nurse Chetna Stevenson - Rina Mahoney
  • Doctor Kalloway - Clare Webzell
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