Zoe has suffered a tense night at hospital after Jean’s emergency operation. Watching over her baby on a ventilator she confides in Chris that she's being punished for initially giving Jean away. Meanwhile, Scott and Chloe are both worried sick about the baby's health, but as they head off to hospital Syd warns Scott to keep his paternal concerns under wraps. Zoe gets word from the doctor that her daughter is on the road to recovery having responded well to the treatment. But Zoe's relieve comes to an abrupt end when she learns of an undetected earlier injury to her baby which must have occurred in the past few weeks. Zoe is horrified to hear that Jean has been suffering with a broken rib all the time she thought it was teething problems. Despite the knowledge of Jean's previous fall Chloe keeps quiet, so with Zoe unable to give a feasible explanation, the doctor is forced to launch an official investigation into the possibility of non-accidental injury. The females of Emmerdale are finding adapting to life with their new finger appendices rather challenging. After an embarrassing incident with a zip, Viv returns to the nail bar to demand instant removal of the claws. It's not too long before a queue starts to form requiring the same service. Elsewhere, Charity and Chris are still frosty with each other, and Cain insists on a meeting at Home Farm to discuss Debbie’s education.


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