Although baby Tate is off the ventilator her family are in turmoil over the shocking revelations that Jean may have been abused. The hospital social worker begins her investigation with Zoe, who is initially unco-operative, still in denial that they could suspect her of hurting her child. After Chloe once again pointedly denies knowledge of any earlier accident, the social worker can’t rule out the possibility that Zoe's schizophrenia could be to blame. The other residents of Home Farm don’t escape interrogation from social services. Chris is quick to point the finger of blame at young Debbie - she is a blood Dingle after all. Distraught by the accusations against her Debbie packs her bags to leave until Charity reassures her that Chris is only lashing out. However Charity is furious with her husband for alienating her daughter, telling him that he's taking out his jealousy over Cain on Debbie. Scott is emotionally wrecked over the news that his daughter may have suffered abuse from Zoe. But Syd tells him that it's time to find another shoulder to cry on – he's had enough of it. Faced with the prospect of losing her child Zoe breaks down in front of a guilty Chloe. But will she do the right thing and admit the accident, or does she feel she's in too deep? Over at Butler's Farm, Andy is burning the candle at both ends. Jack is concerned for his son's health and a comment to Katie hits home, making her realise that Andy needs some more support. So, after recruiting a reluctant Donna to help out, they offer to give him a hand with some farming duties. After being tasked with moving a herd of cows into a field, it all ends in tears for Donna when she ends up face down in a muddy puddle!


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