A distraught Zoe confides in nanny, Chloe, over the Tate solicitor's confirmation that social services could place the baby into a temporary care home, based on the current facts of the investigation. Chloe fights with her conscience as Zoe begs her to rack her brains for any incident that could explain the injuries to Jean. As Chloe begins to crack under the pressure, Zoe's mobile phone rings, distracting her from learning the important truth. Meanwhile, having been given his marching orders from best mate Syd, Scott can’t cope with the burden of his secret any longer and so confides in his mother. Having spend the last few hours gossiping about Zoe and the baby, the blood drains from Viv’s face as she learns the scandalous truth about the very mystery that's been bugging her since Zoe's pregnancy. The initial shock dies down after Scott explains the circumstances of the conception, assuring Viv that Zoe was a willing party. Viv demands that Scott claim the right to his daughter immediately. After receiving a call saying that Jean's father is waiting at the hospital, Zoe anxiously prepares herself to come face to face with the man who may well have raped her. As she opens the door to the waiting room Viv and Bob move aside as Scott tentatively walks forward to declare he's Jean's dad. Elsewhere, after Debbie lets it slip to Cain about Chris’s accusations against her over Jean's injuries, another row erupts between her parents. Debbie takes the opportunity to drop a bombshell – she is unhappy living at Home Farm with Chris and wants to move to the Dingles. Katie gets a job as a cleaner for Nicola allowing Andy to employ a sheepshearer.


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