Zoe is confronted with the face of Jean’s father, but she has no recollection of the conception. Chris is taking no prisoners and, convinced that Scott is a rapist, he's after blood. Scott tries to explain the true events but the situation in the hospital becomes unbearable for Zoe as she begs her brother to take her home. Back at Home Farm, Chris tries to persuade Zoe to call the police, seeking revenge for all the agony his sister has endured over the pregnancy. However Zoe doesn’t want to jump the gun before hearing what Scott has to say. Meanwhile, Chloe admits to Syd that Zoe still doesn’t know about the accident with Jean. As she tells him about Zoe's shock phone call from the hospital, Syd braces himself for the inevitable. Viv tries to reassure Scott he's done the right thing, however he's not convinced, particularly when faced with the unenviable task of coming clean to Chloe. At first she thinks it's a sick joke, but once the penny drops Chloe is both livid and distraught. As Scott desperately tries to explain, in a bid to save his relationship, the Tates appear at the door. Alone in Scott's bedroom he reveals to Zoe the events leading up to them having sex, including how she instigated it. But still none of it triggers Zoe's memory. Scott pleads with her, saying that he didn’t realise she was sick and was too scared of Chloe finding out to tell the truth at the time. An emotional Scott wants to be a part of Jean's life, but when he offers to help out, Zoe tells him resolutely that he will have nothing to do with her baby. Downstairs the sparks are flying as Chris accuses Scott of rape, Viv demands her grandmother rights and an inconsolable Chloe sobs in Charity’s arms. The conversation with Scott affirms to Zoe that the police should be contacted to help get Scott removed from her life. Distraught Scott is left to turn to his mother after Chloe throws him out the house.


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