The police arrive at Home Farm to discuss the Tate’s allegations against Scott, and Chris does his best to discredit Scott by filling them in on the darker side to his past. However, after tracking down the man in question to get a statement they decide that there is no case to answer. Having already dealt with the cops Zoe turns her attentions to a visit from social services, the outcome of which leaves her in trepidation of a subsequent child protection meeting. Chris palms it off as just a formality however Zoe is sure that it will determine Jean’s future. Elsewhere, Chloe is adamant not to tell Zoe about Jean's accident, despite Syd’s appeals. But when Zoe unexpectedly appears at their door Syd decides that it's down to him to do the right thing. As Chloe looks on in horror Syd reveals how Jean fell while they were together. Furious with her nanny's silence after all the begs for help with getting her off the hook with social services, Zoe immediately contacts the authorities. Having been relinquished on any rape charges, Scott tries to make amends with his girlfriend, unawares of the recent revelation. Chloe is not feeling very forgiving, however, deciding to seek revenge on both the men in her life by telling Scott about her own infidelity – with his best friend! After recovering from the wrath of Scott, Syd suggests to Chloe that perhaps things have worked out for the best for them. The fiery redhead coldly retorts that their relationship was nothing more than a fling that turned sour. Chris is on the warpath after the events of the day, vowing that both Scott and Chloe will wish they had never been born by the time he's finished with him. Charity is forced to visit Cain to discuss Debbie’s request to stay with her dad over the summer holidays.


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