Scott attempts to confront Chris over his unlawful eviction but the prospect of engaging in a retracted court case fighting the Tates' top class lawyers leaves Scott with a feeling of trepidation. When Scott tries to explain that he is innocent of rape Chris gets violent, throwing objects from his desk at the unwelcome guest. While the villagers gossip and pass judgement on the latest goings on, Chris continues his revenge campaign against Scott by commissioning some artwork across the garage doors. Meanwhile, Ashley shocks Zoe by revealing that whilst she was ill she propositioned him in a very persuasive manner, suggesting that Scott may have legitimately thought she was in her right mind. Syd and Chloe spend their first night at the B&B together, after being made homeless. Later in the day the police turn up to interrogate Chloe about Jean’s injury and, although they appreciate that it was an accident initially, the fact that Chloe didn’t take her to hospital could result in charges of neglect. Chloe and Syd become closer after Syd offers to take some of the heat away by telling the cops he was responsible for distracting Chloe away from her nannying duties. They agree to find some accommodation together, as either a couple or housemates depending on how things go. Charity is at her wit's end over Debbie leaving Home Farm and her husband's disinterest in smoothing things over by apologising to her daughter. At the Dingles a nasty comment from Shadrach hits her hard and uncharacteristically Cain jumps to Charity's defence. Alone, in a moment of weakness, she confesses her troubles to Cain, who tells her that it all comes with the territory! Elsewhere Robert passes his driving test, despite being a bag of nerves beforehand. Donna is excited about the prospect of a drive in the countryside, however boyfriend Robert doesn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm. Andy is left to deal with the sheep alone, after the shearer phones in sick.


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