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Emily is worried about Debbie’s move to the Dingle resident but is reassured when Lisa explains that Charity was not the reason. Instead she puts her mind to helping Sam grasp the high way code, using his eggs as teaching tools! Robert and Katie’s plan to get Jack onto the shearing job goes swimmingly. With Jack teaching his son some tricks of the trade it seems that their relationship is back on track after the troubles of late. Later, a BBQ at Butlers Farm causes embarrassment for Laurel after she gets the wrong end of the stick about the new shearer. Thinking that a steamy liaison with a hunk is on the cards she gets dressed up to the nines only to find that Jack's the mystery man. Charity is feeling rough after all the Dingle homebrew, but Chris is not cutting her any slack. Paranoid that she is cheating on him, Chris insists that a reluctant Terry spy on his wife over the next few days. So, when Charity drops Debbie back at the Dingles after a shopping trip in Hotten, she is closely watched. As the girls model their new clothes Cain arrives home, immediately winding Charity up about dressing for his benefit. Chris is livid when Terry dutifully reports back to his boss on Charity's whereabouts so heads off to the Dingles in a rage. Passing Cain on the roadside he demands to know what's been going on. Cool as a cucumber Cain assures him that nothing has happened between them but fuels the fire by adding that he could have Charity any day he wanted.


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