Terry advises Chris to start trusting Charity or he could make himself ill for worrying. But Chris has tunnel vision despite Terry’s assurances that it's only Cain trying to make him jealous. After dealing with his boss Terry looks for refuge in The Woolpack but is soon confronted by an angry Viv, who gives him grief over his lack of support for Scott. When Robert interrupts with news of a fire at the garage the villagers rush outside to watch the drama unfold. Terry is horrified to see that his car, in for repairs, is also ablaze. His boss is nonchalant about the incident, however, offering Terry some compensation cash if he arranges for Cain to be beaten up. But when Terry refuses to get involved Chris tells him to close the door on his way out. After another frosty morning at the Tate's, Charity heads off to a more welcoming environment to visit her daughter. However Debbie is off searching for rabbits with Sam, leaving Cain alone in the house. They discuss Chris's attitude to Debbie with Cain provocatively suggesting that Charity's marriage is on the rocks. Syd and Chloe start settling into their new home together, while Scott is finding life increasingly difficult sharing with his family. Elaine's driving lesson with her mum doesn’t go well, as they don’t see eye to eye over the speed levels. Matters don’t improve when Robert pulls up behind them in his new set of wheels. Having enjoyed helping his son with the shearing, Jack is keen to start on other odd jobs around the farm until he amicably takes Andy’s hint that he's overstepping the mark.


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