After yesterday Charity decides to try a different tactic to persuade Chris to call off the deal to beat Cain up. Fuelled by her guilty conscience she declares her love for Chris, assuring him that her concern is for Debbie, not Cain. He agrees to stop the thugs, but later reveals to Terry that it's only until he gets solid evidence that Charity and Cain are sleeping with each other. When Charity goes to pick Debbie up she takes advantage of a private moment alone with Cain to tell him that Chris has called off the assailants. Later on Debbie reveals to her mum that she saw them kiss, but Charity's reaction is unexpected as she lashes out warning her off mentioning it to anyone and telling her to forget that she ever witnessed it. Chris summons Terry to determine whether he leaked information to Charity. With his suspicions confirmed he sacks Terry on the basis that he lacks loyalty. Terry retorts by telling Chris that he's turned into a nutter. Although wife Dawn is worried about the pending financial problems she is supportive of Terry, saying that they’ll manage somehow. After confirmation that Scott is Jean’s father Zoe is finding it hard to muster up any emotions on the matter. When Chris admits to being behind the garage fire, Zoe tells her brother that even Scott didn’t deserve that treatment. Lisa is becoming increasingly worried about the lack of communication from Zak. Matters are worsened by a scheming Shadrach who suggests that Zak has found a fiery Latin American temptress. Kind words from Ashley and Eric help to encourage Lisa into retaining faith in her loved one. Donna gets her long-awaited drive in the countryside with Robert, complete with steamy back-seat action. She isn’t so pleased, however, when her boyfriend picks up Elaine for a driving lesson straight after. Later on, as the girls chat in the café, Donna is amazed to learn that Elaine is a proud virgin.


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