When the watch Trash finds turns out to be Sharon's, stronger suspicions fall on him. Henry decides to see Marian in New Zealand.


Peggy has to go into hospital for observation. Amos tells Reverend Ruskin that he will give Alison a trial at The Woolpack, the vicar is impressed not suspecting that Amos has an ulterior motive. George asks Frank to shoe his hunt horses but Frank refuses saying that he is against bloodsports. Laura and Jack meet again and she invites him for a drink. Jack rushes up to the farmhouse to see how Peggy is and he shows Annie the watch found by Trash, she recognises it belongs to Sharon. Trash is absorbed by Jack's book. Jack questions him about the watch and he gets upset. Amos tells Henry the plans for The Woolpack and the both of them and Joe gossip about Trash and the watch. Laura visits Jack at the mill and Trash disappears. Jack tells Laura that he has been used by a lot of married women - they get on well. Matt comes back from the hospital and says that someone has paid for Peggy to be put in a private room, they all think it must be Jack. Henry tells Annie he is going away to see Marian in New Zealand. Trash turns up at the vicarage.


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