Shadrach’s been hijacking Paul the postman daily to filter out Zak’s letters home. However his master plan to win Lisa’s heart goes horribly wrong when he forges a letter in Zak's name. The strategically placed letter, declaring that Zak has found another family in Chile, is found by an excited Sam who rips it open eagerly. When he reads the contents he furiously chucks it in the pigpen leaving Lisa to forage amongst the hogs to find it! As she reads a section of the mauled letter her suspicions are immediately aroused by the dodgy handwriting and inability to spell Belle’s name correctly. Realising that Shadrach is the culprit Lisa is after blood, until Marlon suggests seeking tactical revenge as opposed to physical. Chris re-instates Terry with his job after they reach an agreement to start afresh. His first task is to ferry Chris to the doctors to checkout his increasingly bad headaches. Despite various blood tests Chris tells Terry it's just stress related and stipulates that Charity is not to be informed. Charity is noticeably embarrassed when she catches up with Cain in the pub. While Cain is sure that through the kiss they have reached an unspoken agreement, Charity points out that for her that means staying out of his way! Betty’s friend Pearl makes an impression on the older residents with her larger than life re-appearance in the village. Meanwhile, Jarvis teases Len about only having eyes for one lady – the lovely Edna. Donna’s gutted when her modelling agent informs her that she's been taken of the books on the grounds that she doesn’t have what it takes. And, despite Ronnie’s disapproval, Elaine arranges more driving practice with Robert after receiving confirmation of her second driving test date. Alan is finding it hard to keep his head above water running the B&B, and his health is noticeably suffering. Steph takes advantage of her ailing father by offering to help, but only for significant financial gain.


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