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The Dingles action their plan to punish Shadrach for his deception. Intercepting another letter from Zak, Shadrach is horrified to learn that his brother plans to return to the village any day. Unaware that the letter is a forgery he is spooked by the threats that he's after Shadrach's blood for trying it on with Lisa. Taking the bait he packs his bags, but as he leaves Marlon appears excitedly announcing that Zak is back and wants to see him. A sheepish Shadrach is instead met with the Dingle court and is subsequently found guilty for attempted adultery with brother's woman, postal fraud and generally just being a disgusting old git! He is banished from the Dingle family but not before Cain recovers all of the stolen letters. Instead of finding solace in them Lisa is left feeling even more neglected, as Zak doesn’t mention missing her or coming home once. Shadrach turns to the church for refuge, but when he explains to Ashley that Lisa took exception to him re-directing her post the vicar throws him out on his ear. Having stolen the church flowers as a peace offering Shadrach reappears at the Dingles with his tail between his legs. Later on Ashley appears to reclaim his flowers and finding Lisa down in the dumps he lends a sympathetic ear. Spurred on by his words of encouragement to move her life on, Lisa picks up the phone to call Bryan to arrange a dinner date. With Alan ill, Shelley and Steph are left in charge of running the B&B. While Shelley manages her tasks well, Steph struggles with dealing with guest complaints and requests. Elaine warns Donna that Robert is only after one thing, and is shocked to hear that he's getting it on a plate. Pearl asks Jarvis to join her at the tea dance, under the proviso that he doesn’t actually have to dance!


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Memorable dialogue

Lisa Dingle: "Shadrach, you stand accused of deceiving the Dingle clan."
Marlon Dingle: "Attempted adultery with your brother's woman."
Sam Dingle: "Postal fraud."
Cain Dingle: "And generally just being an disgusting old git."

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