Elaine is suspicious when Robert runs out of petrol during her driving lesson. She rebuffs his flirtations as they abandon the car by the roadside, proceeding on foot back to the village. Meanwhile, Ronnie is driving his wagon and comes across Robert's broken down car, but thinks nothing of it presuming Elaine is at work. Feeling guilty for not giving his daughter driving lessons, Ronnie calls by at the factory to take her out. But when Eric admits she hasn’t shown up, he finally tracks her down and is furious to see she is with Robert. Convinced he is a bad influence, Ronnie drags Elaine home. Donna is left happy as she finally gets to spend some quality time with her reluctant boyfriend, although she still views Elaine as a threat. Elsewhere in the village, Len, Jarvis, Edna and Pearl make their way to the tea dance. Pearl and Len are dressed up for the occasion, both hopeful of a romantic encounter. Later Edna looks down her nose at Pearl as she cavorts across the dance floor! Jarvis's words of encouragement finally make Len pluck up the courage to ask Edna to dance. Steph and Shelly are out of their depth at the B&B and with several angry punters hot on their trail they are forced to put their thinking caps on to appease the guests. To avoid giving everyone refunds, Steph and Shelly give everyone free beauty treatments, which seems to keep the customers happy. But their generous gesture costs them an arm and a leg in supplies!


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