The pensioners are keen to continue the summer frivolities at a picnic in the pavilion. After a complement from Len on her appearance, Pearl’s convinced that she's the object of his desires. Meanwhile, Len finally admits to Jarvis that it's Edna he really wants as a companion. Taking the initiative Jarvis decides to test the water during a little chat with Edna. It's clear that she's privately jealous of Pearl's success with attracting Len's attention - food for thought for Len. Edna feigns a headache, leaving the party early. Len takes the opportunity to follow her home to declare his feelings but it all goes horribly wrong when he gets stage fright and she presumes that he is just drunk. Rodney has been throwing himself into his work ever since Steph left but his preoccupation with expanding the shop and increased profit margins has left Danny feeling deflated. When Danny finds his employers little black book of ex-girlfriends he hatches a plan to get Rodney hitched up as a distraction. However it backfires when Rodney catches him red handed. Ronnie is determined not to let his daughter buy Robert’s car, so when the lad turns up at the Marsdens looking for Elaine he insists on giving him a parental style grilling over a cup of tea. Elaine returns home with exciting news that she has passed her driving test, just after Ronnie has informed Robert that Elaine is not touching his car with a barge poll. Alan has been given first refusal on the B&B by Carol, but feels it may be too much to take on at his age.


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