Shelley and Rodney both have a spring in their step today, having enjoyed a nightcap following their champagne celebration. Danny’s particularly pleased that his boss has finally got some distraction from work. On the other hand, Steph is not so supportive, accusing Shelley of accepting her cast offs. Alan takes a turn for the worse after Steph refuses to help Shelley carry some hairdressing kit to Betty’s place. Alan is left to share the burden but has heart pains and is taken off in an ambulance. Prematurely Steph sneaks a look at her dad's paperwork while he's in hospital, only to discover that she's currently excluded from his will. Fuming about the fact that she won’t be gaining a penny from Alan's demise Steph is on the warpath. And when Shelley shows more concern for Alan's wellbeing than his own daughter, Steph accuses her of trying to muscle in on her life. Len is still regretting the impromptu kiss, however recipient Pearl is full of the joys of spring with the expectance of romance. Len is in the doghouse when he tries to explain his actions to Edna. He blows his chances by coming on a little strong for her liking. Robert and Elaine are enjoying each other's company, much to Donna’s dislike. It's clear that Robert has much more in common with his friend than his girlfriend. Eric gets swindled over the purchase of some antique chairs, which don’t turn out to be the real thing.


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