Alan returns from hospital having been diagnosed with over exertion. After the bombshell that she has been cut out of her father's will, Steph decides to put on the compassionate daughter act. Over a nice cup of tea, Steph suggests that it would be sensible for Alan to get his affairs in order. But her plan backfires when Alan reconfirms that she's not a beneficiary of his will and that everything is being left to Tricia. Having seen a large sum of money previously given to his daughter squandered, Alan still feels that Steph hasn’t learned the value of money. Steph furiously resolves to prove her father wrong, but not before directing a barrage of insults in his direction! Rodney discovers that some of Mill Cottage’s land is situated on a historical site so hopes that he is literally sitting on a gold mine. Meanwhile, Eric throws down the gauntlet by implying that his knowledge of antiques is superior than Rodney's, resulting in a valuation competition that Rodney wins. But it's Eric who has the last laugh after he manages to palm off his set of dodgy chairs on his friend, using the same scam that was pulled on him. Rodney vows to seek mighty revenge on Eric for the unethical business deal. Viv is getting frantic over finding her lost eternity ring before Bob cottons on. Deciding to take Donna’s suggestion on board she orders a much cheaper replacement from a catalogue. Laurel’s excitement turns to disappointment when she only gets a runners-up prize for the competition she entered using Betty’s name. Danny and Len are worrying about what to arrange for Ollie’s 18th birthday.


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