Laurel’s on tenterhooks as the competition replies arrive on people’s doorsteps. Having used the villager’s names in the hope of winning a luxury cruise Laurel’s sure luck is just around the corner. Little does she know that Viv has actually won first prize, and has no intention of letting on or handing it over to Laurel. Along with the winner’s letter comes Viv’s replacement eternity ring, which looks nothing like the lost original. Steph gets more than she bargains for after promising her dad that she’s willing to do any job that crops up. So when Alan points out that there’s a job going at Pollard’s Factory, Steph has no alternative but to accept. The only positive factor for Steph is that she will have best mate Shelley as company. Eric is feeling victorious over Rodney, having ripped him off with the dodgy antique chairs. But when Eric is asked to value some mysterious old coins that have been found on Mill Cottage land above the historical site, it seems the seed of revenge may have been sown. Ollie is secretly excited over Danny arranging her a surprise 18th birthday party, however her mixed signals over celebrating the birthday leave Danny confused over what she wants.


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